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We save you valuable people power. Instead of burdening your creative, production and accounting staffs with the complicated task of talent management, they can focus on doing what they do best. Chances are, we can handle the talent payment function more cost-effectively anyhow.

 When you plunge into a project that requires union actors, singers, or musicians, but you are not a signatory to the applicable industry collective bargaining agreements, EMS will act as your signatory on projects that includes various contracts.

We are your go to Talent Business Affairs company offering a wide range of services and experience that supports your needs when producing union advertising projects.  One of the most important benefits is the flexibility of working union or non-union on a case-by-case basis. Since EMS serves as signatory and employer of record with SAG-AFTRA and AFM, your company isn’t barred from using non-union workers.


We'll teach you all the ways to protect your company and your talent.



We'll help you decide what your business needs.   Afterall, we are experts at talent payment solutions


We'll explain all the possible solutions you have.


Executive Media Services, inc. Talent Payment

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EMS estimates talent costs based on your creative and we work with you to manage theses costs.   

Executive Media Services, inc. Talent Paymentt